Your oral health the prime concern

Dr. Leeds is a fee for service dental practitioner. This means that her central focus is on your oral health care. While she does not take insurance as form of payment, she will gladly fill out the necessary forms so you can be reimbursed by your insurance provider. More importantly, Dr. Leeds will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet your dental needs.

A comfortable waiting area

When you step into the practice you are met with a warm and relaxing waiting area, a plush leather sofa and free guest wifi.  Don’t expect a long wait as you will be immediately greeted by Dr. Leeds.

Bright and open spaces

The practice’s bright, well-lit  environment is contrasted by warm, subtle colors to create a calm and restful atmosphere to put you at ease.

Neatly organized workstations

Every work station is clutter-free and well organized to ensure optimum, time-saving workflow.

Sterilization Center

Highest standards are maintained.

Advanced digital and optical imaging

The practice is equipped with the latest digital radiography technology,  which results in less radiation exposure. In addition, advanced intraoral camera technology is used to provide the patient with a close-up, interior view of their mouth and the area undergoing treatment.

Comfortable and spacious operatories

Operatories are bright, with a relaxed atmosphere and state of the art equipment.